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07 September 2011

Pending changes

Badger sculpture at Francis Street Mall on
State Street, Madison, Wisconsin
This is an exhausting and exciting time for me:

1) I've finally got the basics of doing a work flow of my digital pictures so that I don't lose them in the process. Now to process the previous six years or so of digitally rendered pictures on CDs stored in boxes below this desk.

2) I'm taking a new class at Edgewood College: Photojournalism taught by Linda Friend, a veteran freelance photographer. Already, in spite of the class mostly starting from scratch, I've learned a lot.

3) As I've mentioned, I've taken part of the DeForest Area Photographers' group. Hey, it's free and they fuel the creative juices. The picture at left is from the current project: State Street. I'll find out next week what the others saw and photographed.

There's more blog to come! I have to stop procrastinating and get my homework done.

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