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26 July 2013

The Busy Client

Photo booth ready for customers.
My photo booth was set up in the middle of the merchant area, ready for clients to have their portraits done and printed on site.

In spite of the summer sunshine and heat, I had effectively created a cool cave in the middle of the field.

Alas, business was slow--as in nonexistent. A conflict with another larger event kept many of the event participants away. Few had the funds or interest in getting a portrait done, despite favorable comments about the sample pictures. Even other merchants noted the lack in their sales.

Busker entertains the "crowd"
So I wandered the site, taking personal photos. I enjoyed the ambiance. I checked out the wares of the other merchants. I even bought a few.

Main Pavilion lit up for evening activities
Interesting scissors masquerading as a dagger
Nobody was interested in getting a portrait.

We had a big awarding ceremony on the last night. The local chapter executive (our "Baron") just recently stepped up to the High Seat. Robert, the Baron, never had a portrait done in his finery.


I set up an appointment with Baron Robert for just after the ceremony.

I knew Robert could get distracted, so I came up with a plan to make sure he came to the booth:

Right after the ceremony, I borrowed the Baron's High Seat and lugged it with the help of a friend (It's made of oak and quite heavy.) to the booth and set it up. I made no secret that I did this. Sure enough, Baron Robert strolls in looking for his Seat. He admitted that my kidnapping the Seat was a sure way to make sure he made it to the shoot.

Baron Robert the Stout
We had a good shoot with three very good portraits.

Afterwards, I helped Baron Robert disassemble the Seat and pack it up for transport. It seemed only fair.

Sometimes a little subterfuge can be a good thing.

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